Painless Piercing- no more a dream!

The world of fashion is never constant. It keeps on changing with different trends. While some stay here for short duration, the other repeats time after time. One such trend that has been in news and has been adorned by the people all over the world is piercing.

Painless Piercing- no more a dream!

Fashion trends keep on changing now and then. Well, tattoo are becoming common these days, hence I thought to go for something new and different. The option which appealed me the most was the piercing. I started surfing for it online and the first thing i confronted with was the definition of piercing.

What Wikipedia says?

 “Body piercing, a form of body modification is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn. The word piercing can refer to the act or practice of body piercing or to an opening in the body created by this act or practice”

How it started?

You can now imagine how scary it was, as it featured words like ‘cut’, ‘puncture’, etc. The same moment I got a clear idea that it was going to be painful. But, I was not in a mood to step back. Therefore, I decided to move further and look for what all is going good in piercing. I found that there are so many types of piercing styles, including ear piercing, facial piercing, lip piercing, oral piercing, surface piercing and many others.

What I selected?

I was bit confused which one to go for. The one which attracted was the labret piercing, which is sub type of facial piercing. Generally, it is known as a tongue pillar. The reason being it is done just above the chin and below your bottom lip. Earlier, this style of piercing was reserved for the men of higher strata only. However, now it is common among men and women both.

To explain better, I would like to share here that labret piercing is actually an adornment, attached to the labrum. It has been a popular form of body piercing throughout the years. Pierced through the lower lip, it is unique in itself. Most of the people prefer getting it done at the center part of lower lip. But, nowadays people love to get side labret piercing. In fact it is considered as a symbol of style and self-empowerment. Isn’t that great!

The war between pain and style!

When I visited the piercing parlor, the professional introduced me to different types of labret piercings. Yes, I was again in dilemma. The most famous ones were spider bite piercing, snake bite piercing, lip labret piercing, etc. Basically, these variations were based on the position of the piercing area. Among all the styles, I opted for the lip labret piercing. It was elegant, modish and classy.

After all this, I now feared of only one thing, and that was the pain. I asked a silly question, “Will it pain”, to which he answered with a smile “not much”. However, I knew that it was going to be miserable for me. The professional understood that I was going to make his work tough. For this he suggested me to use a numbing solution. I wasn’t quite sure about its effects and side- effects. But as I had no other option, I said ‘yes’ to it.

Was Dr.Numb effective?

He applied Dr. Numb to the skin surface before the he started with the process of piercing. I felt like everything was numb in that particular area. Then he marked the spot to be pierced and my lip was pulled away from the jaw with help of a clamp. I knew that something was going on, but I didn’t felt any paining sensation. Later he pushed the jewelry through the lip after pushing the piercing needle through it. Very gently he completed the process. And I was left with a beautiful lip labret piercing job done.

If you are also looking forward to get a body piercing done, but have been postponing the idea just because of pain you can count on a reliable numbing solution. It worked for me and hopefully, will work for you too!

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