Pesticide levels in Soft Drinks are too High

Soft Drinks

What fascinates us so much about soft drinks? The effervescence they produce when opened up? Or are we still living with the notion that it really quenches our thirst? But indeed both of them are not so strong reasons to add so much of sugar and CO2 to our stomach and invite diseases to grow in our body.

High level of pesticides has been found in all the soft drinks available in the market which promises to be a refreshing drink.

Three years of continuous research has revealed that soft drinks are nowhere beneficial to our health and totally unsafe to drink.

But the point is do we really need to drink these soft drinks, despite knowing the health hazards they pose. And also after so much of research, it has been found that they contain pesticides in exceedingly high amount. But what haunts my mind most is that,we continue to consume it, even after knowing we are consuming nothing but pesticides.


Health hazards of soft drinks

• Soft drinks make the person more vulnerable to heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.
• Soft drinks lead to high blood pressure problems due to presence of caffeine in them.
• They also increase chances of obesity since they contain high amount of sugar in it. Even a singleglass of soft drink contains around 10 teaspoonsof sugar.
• Kidney problems, asthma and bad teeth are another health problems resulted due to soft drinks.
• Often soda drinks contain phosphoric acid which reduces the ability of the body to absorb calcium leading to osteoporosis and bone softening. It also leads to slow digestion leading to an acidic stomach.
• Soft drinks have zero nutritional value, so there is no fun of burning your stomach with this pesticide rich drink.
• Many soda drinks are also found to contain high Fructose CornSyrup which is extracted from genetically modified corn which is not at all safe for health. Fructose Corn syrup has been found with traces of mercury leading to health hazards.

Every year the soft drink manufacturing companies create new ideas to attract maximum people and also spend millions to advertise the drinks. They use attractive sites such as playgrounds, movies, cartoons to catch hold attention of kids and youngsters.

Soft drinks are popular all over the world and have become a major reason of obesity among the youngsters. Children are not aware of the health hazards theypose and get easily attracted to the fizz and sugary taste it has.

Despite so much of controversy over the safety of these drinks, they continue to be a popular beverage among the people.

There is only one way left to stop its consumption and save million healths is by enforcing strict laws on its manufacturing. Rather, it’s manufacturing should be completely banned.

And nature has given us so many better alternatives. Just take a look around, what can be more juicy and tempting than a sugarcane juice? Look for alternatives that have a long lasting benefit on our health but not those things that just satisfy our taste buds for fraction of seconds.

Post on the behalf of Dr. Scabies

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