Top 7 Don’ts for Sensitive Skin!

Sensitive Skin - Care

Everyone is looking for the key which leads to healthier skin. However, it is more important to understand that getting healthy skin is far beyond choosing the right beauty products. And when you are dealing with sensitive skin, things get more complicated.

It is really difficult for the people with sensitive skin type to maintain healthy skin. They are more prone to weather changes, pollution, cosmetics, and many other changes which take place around them. If you are among the one who are always worried for their skin’s sensitivity, here are some important dos and don’ts for you.

Start with the necessary dos:

#1. Don’t Overdo It:
People with sensitive skin generally face “itchy red bump” syndrome. Basically, this condition arises when you put too much stuff on your face. Adding a lot of stuff on your face can upset the skin balance. Hence, remember of thumb rule; don’t apply more than three items per application. Going beyond this limit will put you in the risk interaction between products, which can turn extremely irritating and severe in long run.

#2. Don’t Pick:
The worst habit is to pick those pimples, which often leave behind irremovable scars. Your skin is durable and dynamic organ. Also it is very susceptible the fear of your fingers. Picking up of those pimples is strictly prohibited if you are looking forward to healthy skin. Do you know when you squeeze a pimple just 20% of its contents are ejected? Moreover, the remaining 80% is forced deeper into the dermis. And this leads to prolonged inflammation. Hence, it is better to leave your face and pimples heal naturally.

#3. Don’t Use The Products That Encourage Acne:
You will hardly get any product with a tag “non-comedogenic or non-acne-causing”. It is your sole responsibility to check for the product before buying it. Make a quick scan of the ingredients in the product you choose. For the sensitive skin types, mineral oil is of no use. In fact, application of mineral oil has shown to cause acne. If the product carries it, say ‘no’ to it!

#4. Don’t Go For The Fragrance Only:
A number of skin care creams appears to be tempting due to their amazing fragrance. But, if you want your skin to be problem free, protect yourself from such options. The reason being, the sweet smell of these creams are due to the poorly-compounded solution. And yes, these fragrances are a major cause of contact dermatitis. Going for products with minimal fragrance or, better yet, no fragrance at all, is a good option.

#5. Don’t Use a Toner That Strips:
Using a toner is for skin “stripping” is not advisable. Most of the toners available in the market contain acetone or alcohol, which strips the important protective lipids from your skin surface. Its usage leaves you with vulnerable and exposed epidermal surface. Also it causes more dryness and infection with microorganisms. Hence, using a daily toner will not good for your skin.

#6. Don’t Use Foundation Too Much:
Just like your lungs, your skin needs to breathe. Using too much foundation impedes the processes which take place at your skin’s interface. It disrupts the skin’s natural renewal and turnover process. However, at times you can use a foundation gently to blend skin tone, but make sure you don’t go for repeated application.

#7. Don’t Over Wash:
It is a common mistake individuals with sensitive skin often do. Washing your face five to six times a day, or even more will help you with nothing. Instead, it will strip away layers of the epidermis and leave the skin chapped and irritated. Using a gentle cleanser twice a day, along with a scrub brush is enough to remove daily impurities.

Following the above stated tips will surely help you getting healthier skin. In addition, a lot depends on your diet, your routine, how much stress you’re under and what kind of environment you live and work in. For a healthy skin you need to pay greater attention to these points too!

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