Hollywood Celebs Go Pierced!

Being an ancient form of body art, piercing is now becoming highly popular among the celebrities. Not in one or two, it has been famous in various cultures and has been practiced at some time or the other. Let’s have a look, what celebrities love to adorn!

Hollywood Loves Piercing

Do you like to see your favorite movie star in a magazine, having a bunch of unknown piercings? Of course you do. Nowadays, a number of stars are indulging themselves in getting different types of body art done to them. While some switch to the all time famous tattooing art, the other trend to rule over the heart of the people is piercing.

Remember, when Hannah Montana rocked at a concert wearing piercings all over her body. This is not only one example, there are many other celebrities uncovering their secret body jewelry now and then.

There is a long list of famous singers, models, actors, actresses, etc. who adorn some type of piercing on their body part. As a consequence, the fans of these celebs are motivated to get a piercing and they follow their favorite stars. For example, if their idol goes for a nose piercing, they will get the one done very soon. And due to this fact, the amount of body jewelry in the youngsters has increased rapidly over the last few years.

Checkout some amazing stars with their exceptional piercings here:

Perrie Edwards: This beautiful lady recently got studded and nowadays she shows off her bizarre neck piercing everywhere she goes.

Perrie Edwards Piercing

Grabbed the first look of her piercing at Little Mix’s gig in California, she looked just fabulous. Also, she got a new nose stud, which complements her look in a unique way.

Miley Cyrus: She went under knife to get her locks chopped and then to show them off, piercing was the way out. The gorgeous lady also adorns several ear piercings and a nose piercing. She knows how to carry off them beautifully.

Miley Cyrus Piercing

Having around 10 piercings, i.e.5 on the lobe, a nose piercing, 3 on the cartilage, and a belly button piercing, she is a popular star.

Pink: The pop rocker, Pink is well-known for her different style of piercing. From her tragus, ear, to other parts of her body, she is very fond of this body art.

Pink Face Piercing

Her all time favorite the tragus- the perforation projecting in the front of ear canal has been followed by her huge fan following, due to the fact it is bit pain free. She is a rock star and very well knows how to pull of her piercings.

Lady Gaga: The famous singer always loves to be in news for something or the other. Attention-craving star has been constantly found parading around in different styled costumes to be always in the limelight.

Lady Gaga Piercing

Her courage to reveal what piercings she has is astounding.

Rihanna: She is a true showstopper. While you love her for her graceful performances, you will fall in love with Rihanna’s isn’t piercings too.

Rihana pirecing

Being a crazy talented and beautiful singer, she opted for a sheer ensemble purposefully to show off her piercing.

Demi Lovato: She kept it simple and sweet. Yes, it is about her frequently sported small nose stud. Isn’t that a tasteful way to get a piercing done!

Demi Lovato Piercing

She is one of the stars who have suffered from both depression and cutting, but now once again she is all set to rock the world. Making a comeback to the topping charts, she is known for her courage to speak out about her personal tribulations.

Fergie: Getting different from the world is what Fergie loves to be. And therefore, she opted for an eyebrow ring.

Fregie Eyebro Ring

The famous singer blended it a bit and tried to make it almost ethereal.

Drew Barrymore: She has been famous for her wild past. And then she earned fame with a tongue ring. While she got it to play a character in “Whip It”.

Drew Barrymore - Tongue Piercing

However, she decided to keep it afterwards too. She rocked her ring on film, on some talk shows, and even on the red carpet as well.

Thus, if you are planning to get it done, you can consider your favorite star style and flaunt your style just like they do!

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