5 Natural Ways to get Kidney Stone Out

Kidney Stone TreatmentKidney is one of the most crucial organs in the human body. Unfortunately, the important functions of the kidney can be hampered by numerous disorders resulting in kidney malfunctioning or kidney stone. Although, medications are available to treat kidney stones, people prefer natural remedies to break down those stones so as to avoid problems and surgeries. Have a look at the various natural ways to beat the chaos caused by kidney stones in the body.
Affecting around 10% of the world’s population and most prevalent in men between the ages of 30 and 40, kidney stones is a sore and often recurring issue that can last for weeks at a time.

Kidney stones are composed of calcium (about 80%) or other acidic salts, such as uric acid, that gets accumulated in the body. Normal body calcium when combined with oxalate, carbonate, or phosphate can form a stone.

Poor diet, obesity, a diet high in oxalate, synthetic calcium supplements, pH balance, allergies, dehydration, and excess minerals are the prime causes of kidney stones.

While kidney stones might not be life-threatening, the pain that comes with it is really unbearable.
In addition to conventional medications and surgeries (in severe cases), a majority of cases can be treated with the help of nature. Many of them also will help prevent them from developing in the future.

Here are the 5 simple and natural ways to get rid of the kidney stones naturally.

Drink Water for KidneyHydrate yourself – the simplest and the easiest way is to drink lots of water every day. It is important for you to keep adequate liquid running through your system to flush out the minerals and other substances that forms stones. Here’s a simple tip: The darker your urine is, the more water you need!  Adequate water will also help in dissolving the stones that have already been formed inside you kidney.

Dandelion Root – The dandelion root has been used since years to cure and manage the symptoms of kidney stones. Not only does it helps in relieving the pain caused by the kidney stones, but organic dandelion root also aid in cleansing the urinary tract. It is highly recommended to take at least 500 milligrams of organic dandelion root two times in a day for effective results.

PomogranatePomegranate Juice – Undoubtedly, pomegranate offers enormous health benefits. More particularly, its juice and the seeds can be regarded as a pure natural remedy for kidney stones. The acerbic and caustic traits of the pomegranate plant are the most attributed by the doctors and the scientists. For best results, eating organic pomegranate plant or drinking freshly extracted pomegranate juice is highly recommended.


Basil – A natural tonic for the kidneys, BASIL is good for their overall health. It has the ability to help induce stone removal from the urinary tract. To benefit from it, drink basil tea by boiling 5-6 basil leaves in water for 10 minutes and drinking the water when it gets cool. Also, add a teaspoon of honey to it.

Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of both basil juice and honey. Drink it daily in the morning for about six months. You can also simply chew 2.- leaves of basil leaves daily for effective results.

Get Your Fiber – Insoluble fibers are yet another effective tonic for halting the growth of kidney stones and even preventing the new ones to form. The good thing here is that many vegetable protein sources have the advantage of being great sources of such fibers.

Insoluble fiber helps to minimize calcium in the urinary tract by binding to it in the intestines. Calcium passed through the stool indicates the reduction in the availability of mineral to crystallize in the kidneys.

Some sources of soluble fiber include whole grains, legumes, fruits, and green vegetables.

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