How to Get Rid of Scabies and not Get Re-infested Naturally?

How-to-get-rid-of-scabies-and-not-get-re-infested-naturallyScabies- a skin infestation caused by the itch mite sarcoptes scabiei is known to cause severe itching and several other conditions. These itch mites burrow under the human skin and lay their eggs, causing bacterial infections and itchy sensation. Slowly, with the passage of time the overall immune system starts weakening. As such there is no fix period of itching to begin, but it can start from the first week of infestation and can take up to a month after of infection, depending on the intensity of mites. The biggest problem with this skin disease is that it is highly contagious. This means, infestation can occur whenever there is direct skin contact with the diseased. Also, whenever a shared contact occurs with clothes, furniture, or other things being used by the infested person, there are chances of getting scabies.

Now what important is to find out an effective treatment to get rid of these itching parasites. Although, there are several methods and solutions to kill these threatening mites, yet you need to be double sure for their effectiveness. The reason being, it is going to react on your skin. Hence, you cannot count on any treatment blindly. For example, most of the remedies available in market nowadays comprises of permerthrin. But, do you know it causes cancer? Yes, you read it right. Using the permethrin based creams, solutions or soaps can take your closer to the risk of cancer.

How to Kill the Mites?
When it comes to killing the scabies mites, you can go for natural methods. A number of natural ingredients are known to treat scabies safely, but yes, this method takes time. You can count on tea tree oil. Known as one of the most popular natural remedies for eliminating scabies, it penetrates the skin and suffocates the mites present there. You can either apply it directly to the affected areas with a cotton swab or dilute it with some essential oil and get relived from excessive itching.

Another natural treatment is using neem oil. It has been used by the organic farmers as a natural insecticide. It is considered safe for humans and works ideally on mites. It hormonally disrupts the life cycles of scabies bugs and simply repels them. You can rub neem oil all over your body with help of a cotton swab. Also, it is recommended to use neem soap while bathing for at least two weeks.

You can also count on cayenne for treating scabies. Basically, after few application of cayenne the scabies bugs will burn without causing any health problem to the host. For better results, use it in large amounts added to your warm bath tub. Soak your body in it and remember to protect your eyes.

An Easy and Simple Way…
While the natural treatments can take a reasonable amount of time to treat scabies, you can look for a safe and effective method. Try Dr. Scabies, which bring forth the natural ingredients and essential oils in the most appropriate composition. It is one of the most reliable treatment used worldwide for treating scabies infestation.

How to Clean the Environment?
Well, you are successful in killing the mites from your body. But what about those bugs, hidden in furniture, towels, clothing, etc. Though, these mites cannot fly or jump, yet they can survive for 4 to 7 days off their host body. Thus, in order to get rid of these mites completely, it is highly important to thoroughly clean the house.

Besides the regular vacuuming, it is recommended to go for a valuable cleanup process. You can choose a reliable, safe and efficient solution like Dr. Repellent. It kills the mites from all the surfaces without any side effects.

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