What As A Periodic Check-up All About?

A periodic health checkup involves the evaluation of overall health condition of a person. This involves examination of body, organs, and hormones to find if they are working properly or need a treatment.

It can be done through various ways- inspection (looking at), palpation (feeling), percussion (tapping on), and auscultation (listening). Periodic examination also involves assessing the medical history, previous medications, allergies, or any other existing problems the person has. The following article describes periodic health check up in detail along with the importance of it.

The following article will answer all your queries about periodic health check up and also explain the necessary precautions you must follow before the examination.

When Should You Take This Test?

A simple answer to this question is- It depends on your health condition, age, gender, and lifestyle. If you are confused on this, you can always consult your doctor and he will tell you how frequently you need to see him.

Do You Really Need A Periodic Health Checkup?

A periodic health examination gives you a true picture of your overall health by which you can take necessary steps to improve it. After the tests are done the doctor prescribes you with necessary medications and also asks you to make some changes in lifestyle and food habits. This will help to improve your present health status and also protect you from diseases and serious illnesses.

Moreover, the periodic health check up also enables the doctor to identify health issues that can occur somewhere in near future and take necessary action before the situations becomes uncontrollable.

In case there is some major health issue likely to occur in near future then the doctor can do necessary tests for further investigation and start the treatment in time.

Thus, a health check up is recommended periodically.

What Are The Risks And Precautions Involved With The Periodic Health Checkup?

There is nothing to worry regarding your safety when going for a periodic health examination. You may experience some pain or discomfort in case the doctor examines a boy part which is sore or tender. You may also experience little uneasiness in case of evaluation of certain areas such as: reproductive organs, anus, or breasts.  It’s better to share your present health condition openly with the doctor.

But there are no such risks involved with the examination. Your doctor will advise you with all the necessary instructions to be followed during the examination.

In case you are already experiencing pain you can use a numbing cream for alleviating the pain for a comfortable treatment. Dr Numb is a popular numbing cream which is used widely for numbing various skin portions. In case you have doubt about its use, you can consult your doctor before applying it.

What Is Done During The Test?

The procedure for the test is determined by your present health condition, age, gender and will take around 30 minutes for a general examination. You will have to wear a hospital gown for the health examination.

The periodic health checkup involves:

  • Examination of your height, weight, pulse, breathing rate, temperature, and blood pressure with the help of various instruments
  • Physical examination of your skin, head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Generally, a light is used to inspect the inside of your eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
  • Listening to your heartbeat and lungs with a stethoscope
  • Feel your spine and the back muscles and areas near the lungs
  • Examine your breasts to check for lumps
  • Press on your abdomen to feel the outlines of organs such as the liver, spleen, and kidneys
  • Check your rectum and anus (internally or externally)
  • Examine your reproductive organs
  • Evaluate your nervous system by asking you to walk, hop, or do knee bends
  • Examine your reflexes using a small hammer
  • Discuss your lifestyle, dietary habits and medications you take
  • Discuss your medical history and your family’s medical history

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