Piercing Aftercare Tips

Piercing has been a part of various cultures including Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans since long. They got their bodies decorated with piercings and tattoos for seeking attention or to protect them from evil.
But piercing comes with many risks and complications and thus proper care is needed to avoid any complication. The following blog post describes the aftercare instructions which are must to follow for avoiding any complications.

body piercing

It’s always recommended to consult your parents, trusted adults, and friends before you go for a piercing session as they will guide you properly regarding its after impacts and also gear you up mentally

Cleaning Instructions For Body Piercings

• Always make it a point to wash your hands before cleaning or touching your piercing.
• You should soak your piercing in saline solution daily for about five to ten minutes. Put a cup of warm saline solution over the piercing or you can also clean it using paper towels saturated with saline solution. Rinse afterwards so that the entire residue is removed.
• Don’t apply soap for more than two times a day and also rinse it properly to remove any traces of soap.
• Don’t rotate the jewelry through the piercing. Dry the area with disposable paper products only as cloth towels may contain bacteria and snag on jewelry, resulting into injury.

Basic Hints And Tips

• Don’t remove or change the jewelry till the piercing is completely healed unless you find a problem with the size, style, or material.
• In case you want to change it or there is problem with the jewelry, ask a qualified piercer to perform it and don’t try it yourself. If you are in doubt you can consult your piercer for proper guidance.
• Keep a regular check over the threaded ends of your jewelry for tightness. Always carry a clean spare ball in case you lose the original one or it breaks.
• In case of an infection, refer to medical professional but do not remove jewelry unless you are instructed to do so by your piercer or medical professional.

Aftercare instructions for particular areas
NAVEL: If you have got piercing at navel then you should apply a hard, vented eye patch under tight clothing to avoid irritation during physical activities.
EAR/EAR CARTILAGE AND FACIAL: You can dress your pillow in clean t-shirt and use it during night to avoid your pillow from getting spoilt. Also take necessary precautions to keep your telephones, headphones, eyeglasses, helmets, hats clean. Be cautious while styling your hair and also tell your stylist about your piercing.
NIPPLES: Wear a tight cotton shirt or sports bra to provide the much needed protection and comfort to your piercing, especially during sleeping.
GENITAL: Some of the Genital Piercings can even bleed initially so you will have to be very careful and follow all the instructions of the piercer for preventing infection and allow faster healing. Be mentally prepared to face any weird situation. Urinate only after cleaning the piercing with soap, if it is near the urethra. Never touch the area without washing your hands. If you involve in sexual activity make sure you are mentally prepared it and keep it gentle. Avoid contact with body fluids of your partner by using condoms, dental dams, and waterproof bandages, etc. In case you are using sex toys then use clean barriers. After sex saline soak or rinse with clean water is recommended.
Every person’s body will heal differently and thus you need to be patient and keep following all the instructions which your piercer asks you to.

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