Body Art- The Ever Rising Way To Express Your Creativity!

Body art is not new to the world. It has been practiced for many centuries in several forms. While some love to go for permanent changes, other opts for the temporary ones. You might have seen people with one or two form of body art, but have come across those who love to go extreme for owning an artistic body. Find out here!

Extreme Body Art

Have you seen people having their body full of art? Well, if not then you have really missed out a great thing. Since ages, people have been adorning their bodies in different ways. Earlier it was meant for tribal ceremonies, which signify their social classes. However, it has now become a common thing and has entered the mainstream culture.

This art is called the body art and people opt for different ways to portray their feelings and thoughts. For some it is an attempt to represent creativity. It can be categorized into various sections, including scarring, tattooing, painting, piercing, and shaping. Basically, all these methods represent different artistic creativity. Also in some cultures, these forms of body art are treated as a ritual.

Men with Tattoo- Dr. NumbTattooing:

When it comes to body art, tattoos are probably the most common one. They are available in both forms, i.e. permanent and temporary basically, these are decorations are done on the body through running an electrical needle. The skin is punctured and ink is inserted inside. Body tattoos can cover any part of the body. It can be done in a relatively small portion of the body like your wrist or a huge section, like your back. Often, favorite places for body tattoos are the upper arms, the back of the shoulders, the chest, etc.

Body Piercing:


DrNumb-wolverine PiercingIt has been practiced by women and some men for accessorizing from years. It is accomplished inserting some material like beads, some precious stone or any other metals across the skin. The most common one is the ear piercing. However, today piercing is no more constrained to ears and is performed on almost all parts of the body. You will easily get to see people with piercing done to their nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, bellybutton, and many others.

Shaping:Extreme Body Art | dr Numb

It is not very common, yet in some of the parts of the world you will easily find a number of people going for this form of body art. In this form, some particular permanent shape is given to the body according to a person’s preference. One of the common methods of this type of body art is the foot binding, which is popular among Chinese women.


Extreme Body Art | dr NumbAnother unconventional method of body art. It is common among various religious groups. These groups deliberately scar their body using some pointed objects such as knives to make a particular pattern. It is somehow similar to branding. This type of body art involves a whole lot of pain and was originally done to the farm animals like cows and horses, just to keep a record of their originally and for identification purposes. In this method, an extremely hot piece of metal is placed on the skin surface and a certain design on the body is formed causing the burns on the skin. This leaves a mark on the skin, which lasts forever.


Body Paint | Body art

Body Paint:

It is one of the temporary forms. Generally, the skin is painted and this lasts for several hours. Gradually, it is becoming a very popular among the youngsters. You will easily catch some of the live example in TV and film projects, sporting, modeling, advertising, media, runway, and many more events. One of the most popular is the airbrush technique. It is a temporary type as well in which ink is sprayed on to the skin by an artist. A stencil is used to mirror the look of a real tattoo, that too without any pain.


In recent times, it has become widely varied and endlessly creative. Now it includes face painting, gestational painting (or pregnant belly art), and much more!


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