Top Foods To Fight Signs Of Aging

Everyone fears of the growing age and its sign. But, the fact is you cannot put pause to this process of aging. However, what you can do is gift your skin a youthful appearance. Though there are several ways out to keep it young and beautiful, but do you know your diet can help you too. Yes, it is possible! Find out how.

Be young Forever

Once in a lifetime, everyone is affected with signs of aging. Those wrinkles, expression lines, discolorations, poor texture, blemishes, pigmentation changes, and many more are the signs that you are heading towards aging. With the growing age, the process of skin reviving and plumping collagen g process gradually slows, which often results to fine lines and wrinkles.

So, are you getting older? Are the aging signs appearing at a frequent rate than they used to? Of course, with each passing day you are moving towards greater age, but what about your skin. You might have seen people of similar age but with different skin condition.

hollywood young


While some look younger than their age, other appears older. The difference is in the skin care process they follow. Your hair and skin are usually the first physical signs of growing age. There is not much you can do to stop the increasing age, but fortunately now you can look many years younger than real age. And that too with help of those magical food items in your kitchen.

Yes, your kitchen holds a number of food stuff, which can prove to be really helpful in fighting those sign of aging. Check out some of them here.


berries- Dr Numb

Being highly rich in amount of antioxidants, berries are known for repairing cell damage. Along this, they are also known to protect the cells from free radicals. So, if you are looking forward to look younger, you need to keep you skin cells healthier and berries can help you out. Consuming a good amount of berries leads to proper reproduction of cells. So, grab a handful of berries, any of your choice including raspberries, blueberries or strawberries every day and keep those wrinkles away from you.


Beans and Lentils:

Food Beans  - DR Numb

They are known as a super-food for enormous reasons. These are high in fiber content and good for maintaining beautiful skin. Well, these are great way to keep unwanted pounds at bay, now you have one more reason to add it your diet. They are very low-glycemic and doesn’t cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. It is the anti-inflammatory properties which keep blood sugar stable and plays a major role in preventing dull, dry, wrinkled and sagging skin.

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus Fruit - Dr Numb

Vitamin C is highly needed by your skin. So, having citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemons, limes, etc. in your diet is a must have. These fruits are rich in antioxidants like limonoids and limonene’s which are highly beneficial for your skin. They also play a greater role in the maintenance of elasticity and stabilization of collagen, which is greatly crucial for healthy, youthful skin.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark ChocOlate - Anti Aging food

This one will really make you rejoice. Now you can enjoy your favorite treats and that too for all good reasons. Yes, your favorite dark chocolate works for your skin. It is another food item packed full of antioxidants. It simple protects the skin cells and gives you healthy turnover. Moreover, it is said to reduce stress levels, which is again great for your skin. But, here make sure that you aren’t taking the sweeter version, milk chocolate. It needs to dark, which leaves a bit of a bitter taste!

In all, you need to remember the fact that one cannot be young forever. However, adding these food items to your diet can really make you look youthful and beautiful for longer period.

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