Jaimie Alexander’s only one ‘Blindspot’ Tattoo Is Real

Jaimie Alexander has more than 200 tattoos on her body but to your surprise only one out of them is real. Each tattoo will be showcased as the center of an episode which is good enough for ten seasons. That’s why Alexander is able to openly speak about it without any fear.

Jaimie Alexander Tattoo

But the point is which the real tattoo is?

According to her the tattoo on her left wrist with the letters “ES” is the real one. She says it keeps her from getting trapped in her own ways.

Alexander said to USA , “It’s something I used to say as a little kid,” “I never used to say, ‘I love you.’ I would mouth, ‘Elephant Shoe.’ If you mouth it, it looks like you’re saying, ‘I love you.’ For me, it’s just one of those things that reminds me to be childlike and sort of look at the world through innocent eyes and just to be openminded.”

This mind setup seems to fall in reality for her. Be it ABC Family’s “Kyle XY” or the “Thor” movie franchise, and the latest “Blindspot,” she has been putting her mind frame in reality.

The new show by NBC’s Blindspot featuring Jaimie Alexander covered fully with tattoos that hold the key to solving her Jane Doe character’s identity (solving a lot of crimes). But this marketing art has received unbeatable popularity as compared to any other marketing strategy. All this is due to those tattoos in which the body of Jaimie Alexander is covered with for the new thriller show.

Jaimie alexander tattoo

Here are seven things that you would love to know about the tattoos on the body of Jaimie Alexander and the insane process of tattoo making.
Getting so many tattoos on the body isn’t that easy and the same was for Jaimie Alexander. It took three tattoo artists and seven hours to create 200+ on her body. She had to literally stand for seven hours to get those tattoos. She says, “If I move around it pulls my skin and they don’t fight right,”, “We listen to the Beatles on Pandora.”
The most captivating thing is the opening scene of Blindspot. In the scene Alexander is made to emerge from an abandoned duffel bag in Times Square. The area which is quite popular was shut down at 5 a.m.by producers along with NYPD and 45 production assistants. And there were no special effects used to showcase her shivering character. All of it is completely real. She said, “Yeah everything was on high alert,”
The tattoos have been designed with stronger adhesives so that they can last for several days as compared to regular temporary tattoos which can last for very little time.
The production will obviously not be adding obvious layers of clothing to Alexander’s character to save the tattoo application time. The producer Martin Gero says they will continue to design tattoos on her body till she is not done with the tattoo thing. He says, “Not until she’s like, ‘No more!.’” So, she will be covered fully in tattoos.
Alexander describes her different experiences –weird and awkward at times. She says, “There is a fella who has to paint my chest and that’s always awkward,”, “There is a part of my backside, below my belt so that has to be painted so that’s fun.” .She says getting tattoos on her back and neck are the easiest and she keeps observing different designs and codes on her body. She added, “The hips are amazing,”, “There’s so many hidden things.”
So, every episode of Blindspot will showcase a single tattoo which may change at some point.
The actress is quite excited about the tattoos. She says, “I would wear them all the time if I could,” ,“If I wasn’t an actress, I would have a [tattoo] sleeve.”

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