Things That Go Bump on Your Piercing

Majority of people complain about bumps on their piercings. Usually with proper care, piercing spots can be kept from forming, however sometimes these get a bump with the best of care. Detecting the bump and treating it can minimize pain, and help your piercing heal quickly.

piercing bumps

Often people gets a painful bump after they get their body area pierced. The reasons for getting such bump could be different always, from non – sterilized equipment to non-professional aftercare treatment. That’s the reason you should never listen to your friends and their experiences or rely on their advice. It depends!!

“They are scar tissue and or build-up of discharge.” “Typically they are caused by bad piercing angle, poor jewelry quality, bad aftercare, trauma, or makeup.”

Possibilities Of The Occurrence Of Bumps :

1. Bad Piercing Angle – Incorrect angle can be one possible reason. Hence, you’ll need to haul yourself back to your piercer and have them re-pierce it at a proper angle.

2. Poor Jewelry Quality – Another possible reason can be either citing poor quality jewelry (i.e. not gold, titanium, niobium or one of the other handful of “new piercing” jewelry types) or citing poor jewelry choice. Plus, if the fit is too tight or too loose it too can create trouble. This can cause a lack of drainage, or cause something, such as hair to get pushed back into the piercing. For instance, an ingrown follicle can cause a lot of pain.

3. Bad Aftercare or Trauma – Did you touch it frequently? Did you let someone else touch it again and again? Did you get exhausted on your fresh piercing during a fight with toilet bowl brushes? If yes, you definitely have an issue. Hence, the right solution is usually a daily saline solution soak. These work amazingly when taking care of those bumps.

4. Makeup – Don’t put any of your skincare products on or near your piercing, be it a lotion or shampoo. Your piercing needs to be able to drain. Plus, one of the big causes of bumps is fluid retention. It makes a cyst that is like a pocket of stuff that needs to come out and can’t get out because the door is closed.

Preventive Steps for The Occurrence Of Bumps 

If you develop a bump at the site of your piercing, draining it should never be a “do-it-yourself” attempt. Especially if a bump at the piercing site turns red, swollen or painful, or drains pus. This can be an indication to a staphylococcus infection or other bacteria.

Contact your doctor immediately in such case; the doctor might choose to drain the bump and send the fluid for testing to determine the type of bacteria present. Also, if required, your doctor might start you on an oral antibiotic. Any time a wound is created in your skin like a body piercing, you’re probably at the verge of getting the risk of developing an infection. Further, the risk increases if the equipment used to create the opening isn’t cleaned carefully and sterilized between uses.

In a husk, you should probably stop in and see your piercer. Avoid taking out the jewelry on your own since it’s helping the piercing drain (when the two sides of the hole close up and leave fluid stuck in the middle it can create an abscess, which is worse than a bump).

Taking up aspirin with a little water can get you relief from the pain.

A chamomile tea bag soak and Tea tree oil.

Stay Safe!!!!

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