Tattoos Your Mom Will Love

The world around us is getting Tattooed, and many of us are choosing between the Good Tattoo Design for the year 2016, that suits us. And there are many of us reading this blog who are thinking of their first tattoo, for the New Year #Party or some have a resolution to get their First Tattoo or piercing for this New Year.


But after all we have just one question revolving in our Mind, “Should I get a Tattoo”, “will my parents approve that”, “what if my parents get mad over my tattoo”, and so many questions that keep us dragging back. Well for all those issues I have come up with some simple and Kool Tattoo Designs that not just look good but, everyone will also love that. Let’s get started…

  • Spiritual Tattoos: In every home, there is one spiritual person, who is too much religious and always preaches about God. And if you are also Religious or Spiritual, then you can opt for one. Not just everyone in your family but your friends will adore that. Well for your help here are some ideas for your first tattoo, have a look.

spiritual tattoos.jpg

  • Family Tattoo:  If you love your family, then it’s the best thing you can get it on your body. It can be a Birthday present to someone, or it can be something in the memory of your passed relatives who are no more with you. You just need them to get them tattoos over you on right place.

family member tattoo

  • Love Tattoo: You love some one!!? Then this could be a best thing to show off your love to them. Well here are some kool ideas you can probably show off for the one you love. Not sure about everyone, but the one you love will fall for you even more than before. Take a look at the ideas below:

Couple tattoos.png

  • Tiny Tattoo: But if you are still unsure, about the tattoo mentioned above, as these can be very big, much pain will also be evolved in getting Tattooed. So I have chosen this special Tiny Tattoo for you. They are too small, they can be hidden under your sleeves, and the best part is they don’t take much time and relatively lesser pain is also evolved. This can also give you an idea how much pain, and time is evolved during Tattoo sessions.

small tattoo


Tips Before Getting Tattoos:

Here are few things you can do before going for tattoo:

  • Talk to Tattoo artist about the pain will evolve during the whole process. If necessary take a Numbing Cream with you. If the tattoo artist has any such solution better talk to him.
  • Know about the sessions it will take to complete your tattoo.
  • Don’t take alcohol before getting tattooed, it never helps anyone.
  • Don’t go to Tattoo parlors with many supporting persons, as it may distract the tattoo artist.
  • And most importantly don’t scream while having tattoo, it creates more messy situation than any of the above mentioned points.

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