Engagement Tattoos Are the New Diamond Rings

Diamonds are forever… but not as forever as TATTOOS. How about getting your engagement ring tattooed?? Sounds amazing….check out!

Among the few permanent things in this world… getting inked is one. Maybe that’s reason why tattoos have become the new trend replacing those expensive diamond rings. These days more and more couples are choosing to commemorate their engagements and even weddings with matching inks.

Ring Tattoos - Dr Numb

According to the New York Times, in the year 2012, couples spent about $4,000 on engagement rings, plus an additional of $1,500 on their wedding bands. Moreover, The Knot’s annual survey reported that the amount spent on engagement rings had overwhelmingly increased to an average of $5,855 in the year 2014. Hence it is expected that an engagement or wedding tattoo might be the trendy way to express your love for one another without the need to break the bank.

Now what’s so good about these tats? The best part is that you’re completely in control!!! This means that they can be as bold or minimalistic as your choice. In addition, getting tattoos in place of those over-expensive diamond rings is that you can design them on your own, making a one-of-a-kind statement, which bonds you to each other more than a jewelry piece can.

Convinced??? Not yet!!! Continue to read to see 7 chic and sweet engagement ink ideas that just might inspire you to skip the bands.

1. Lock and Key

Heart and Rings - Engagement tattoo

“I own the key to your heart”… express your feeling ‘you are mine’ with these beautiful lock and key tattoo. Perfect for those deeply in love, this tattoo idea is very simple, yet very beautiful.

2. Double Bands

Double Rings - Finger Tattoo

What about these simple, non-studded engagement/wedding bands!! These clean and black lines are a minimalist’s engagement-tattoo dream.

3. Forever Yours

Forever Yours - Finger Ring Tattoo

Engagement is the first step to being together forever and wedding is being together…forever. What would be a better way than this to show your keenness to be with your partner life long – matching tats on forefinger instead of wedding bands?

4. Till Death

Till Death - Finger Tattoo

As an alternate to the above “Forever Yours” Tattoo idea, even this can be a great one! Nothing could be better to show that you’ll be taking the “’til death” do us apart of your promises seriously? The ink is permanent so as your vows!! Isn’t it?

5. Infinity Dates 

Infinity Dates - Ring Finger

Seal the Deal with these wedding date tats!! A heart, wedding date and the infinity signifies, “let our relation go beyond infinity with love”.

6. Trust Is All Above

Trust Is Above All - Finger Tattoo

No relation can last without trust and honesty. Pledge to live your relation with complete honesty by getting this tat inked on both of your fingers. It’ll serve as a good reminder for the years ahead.

7. Initials

Name Initials - Ring Tattoo

Simply… get the initial of your loved one on your finger. Doing so is a great way to take your partner with you everywhere you go.

Do you have any other unique idea??? Love to hear from you.

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