Winter Skin Care For Tattoo Removal

Fed up of your old tattoo design? Not to worry! As you enter the new decade of the century, you can benefit from all the technological and medical advancements. If you are among those who suffer from tattoo regret, you can now thank medical science for all new and improved ways of tattoo removal. While it is getting colder outside, all you need to know how to take care of your skin after the removal process!

First Tattoo (2)

When it comes to tattoos, they are known to be something that is supposed to last forever. But do you know that there are a large number of people who become disillusioned with their tattoo after a period of time? It can be due a past experience that they want to forget, some bad experiences such as broken relationships, or simply because the design no longer appeals to them. The reasons why they decide to remove their tattoo can be different, but yes, they want to remove their tattoo. And now they start thinking about different methods of tattoo removal.

Tattoos & Health:

Few years back, people had very few choices for tattoo removal. And they had to accept the fact that the tattoo they have is going to be with them forever. Simply, getting rid of that undesirable permanent marking on the body wasn’t that easy. However, things are easier now and all due to the technological and scientific advances. Tattoo Regret is gone.

Hence, if you are planning to eliminate the regret this season, it is the right time. However, the cold weather is here and the dropping temperatures can affect your skin for the next few months. You can get the tattoo removed during the winter months easily, but with some special skin care tips. Here you need to remember that the success of your tattoo removal greatly relies on your skin care. It is highly important for you to be proactive about your health and skin care. Whether you opt for laser treatment or any other solution, you need to extra cautious.

Immune System:

Firstly, you need to learn that it is the immune system, which holds the key to remove your unwanted ink. During the laser treatment, it is the lasers which break up the ink particles, under your skin. But, it depends on the body greatly. In case, your skin system is not ready for the job or you lack a healthy and strong immune, it can be a hindrance in removing the unwanted ink from your body. Being proactive with your skin care during and post laser treatment is something you need to assure for the best results and an overall better tattoo removal experience.

Change From Summer:

You need to understand that winter skin care routines need to be different from that of summer. However, in both, summers and winters, you need to protect your skin from sun. You need to apply skin protection as the UV rays from the sun can cause damage to skin. In winters, you need a sunscreen which not only fights these harmful rays, but also the icy winds and cold weather. Make sure you buy a product with at least 25 SPF or more and also apply a moisturizer on the untreated areas. For the treated ones, ask your doctor to recommend a product for protection.

Save Skin From Dryness:

Your skin has a tendency to dry faster during the cold months. Hence, by adding applying a lotion is not sufficient. For better protection and faster healing from tattoo removal, you can add a humidifier to your house. Also, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water to make sure your body and skin has plenty of moisture.

Healthy Food:

As stated earlier, you need to drink plenty of water in winters. Adding extra natural teas such as Green Tea or Chamomile tea can prove to be a bonus for your treated skin. The herbs help increase immunity and good health. Moreover, you need to increase foods with high quantity of vitamins and nutrients. This is great for those going through tattoo removal.

Say ‘No’ To Alcohol And Smoking:

Last but not least, it is important to bid good bye to your smoking and drinking habit for faster and safer tattoo removal process. Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking significantly decreases your immunity. Hence, avoiding these activities ensure your skin is healthier and stronger.

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