Kylie Jenner Adds A New Red Ink Tattoo On Her Hip

Kylie Kristen Jenner or Kylie Jenner, as she is better known, is an American reality television personality, model and a socialist in her own right. Featured twice in the list of ‘Most Influential Teens’ of 2014 and 2015; Kylie Jenner is reckoned as one of the most famous teens on social media. The 18-year old reality star kicks into limelight with every little thing she does and the latest is her red ink tattoo on her right hip that’s got the social media going crazy.

Kylie Jenner

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kylie Jenner is best acclaimed for her role in television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
This is not the first time that we’re seeing Kylie tattooing her flesh. It was back in November that Kylie first hinted of her new body art – red inking of her hip.
The sneak peak of the inking back then revealed a distant shot of a tattoo underway on her left hip. The Snapchat picture was different from the new Instagram post by Jenner, where she is wearing a red inked tattoo on her right hip.

New Year, New Ink!

Through her Instagram post, Jenner showed off the newest addition to her every growing body art collection. The tattoo is small red text engraved across here right hip, which very largely appears to be the phonetic spelling of ‘Sanity.’

Kylie Jenner Hip Tattoo
In the Instagram post, Jenner captioned the photo of her tattoo as “All Red” and credited celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang for it. It’s worth noting that Jenner has played a tattoo artist herself in November last year. She inked a small crown and letter “K” on Bang Bang’s arm.
Post the inking session, a Bang Bang representative informed that Jenner was pretty good with tattooing, she has a steady hand, the rep confirmed. By the sound of it, the teenage sensation could have an alternative career on her hands.

Choosing The Red Ink

Kylie Jenner added new hip tattoo picture, and the Instagram community went crazy about he choice of red ink again.
Jenner first taunted her fans with a skin tight black dress, revealing her nice curvy body. The photo was titled “When in doubt. Little black dress…” And soon after she posted another photo on Instagram, this time in a tight track suit bottom (again showing her curves). She showed her red hip tattoo that reads ’sa-na-të – the Phonetic for “Sanity.”

The Young Starlet Is No Stranger To Ink

Jenner, who recently launched a line of lip kits, “Lip Kit by Kylie”, back in August last year had got her first small red tattoo on her arm. The red Sanity tattoo goes really well with the other little red inked heart she wears on the back of her left arm, just above the elbow.
Kylie Jenner may not have the most liked photos on Instagram in 2015, but her account does tout of over a billion cumulative likes in the year.
We hope the teenage sensation with her new red ink has a better 2016.

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