7 Temporary Tattoos that are the Perfect Alternatives for Body Art Alternatives

Not everybody can get their bodies inked!!

As someone who has spent many happy hours fascinated by breathtaking tattoo designs including temporary tattoos, and draws more designs on her body than on paper, the view of my blank-canvassed body as I step out of the shower each morning is very disappointing. As a girl who has grew up in a very strict and disciplined family, having such an extreme liking for styling and tattooing is a great pain. And…that pain!!! Hughhh… 

Temporary Tattoos You Can Choose

Truth is that it’s not due to a lack of inky inspiration or a heart-pounding hatred for the needles. Fact is I’m fascinated by the delicious disparity of tattoo designs I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. Tattoos are permanent and lasts forever is a bitter truth for me despite of the fact that I’m very fond of them.

You could say my dislike to committing to ink-based permanency is somewhat like “grass is always greener” approach. Every time my mind creates a faultless forearm design or a subtly wrist tattoo, the tattoo commitment-phobe inside me starts screaming, “Wait! What if in five years’ time you think up a better bodily illustration? Do you want to live a life full of regrets and broken dreams!? And there I stop everytime I make my mind. Quite perplexing!

Although my body-branding fight has been busy transforming my mind into an anxious mess, thanks to the fashion industry with range of temporary inking options for unsure tattooers has been greatly expanding.

From pocket-friendly home Henna kits to body art pens and Chanel stick-ons for all designer brand tattoo fans like me, the industry’s latest troop of temporary tattoos provides a cost-effective, less-painful, commitment-free way of boring-body escapism that can be changes and swapped more often than your hairstyle.

Hence, whether the idea of public defacement doesn’t entice you or you’re as indecisive as I am, feel free to adorn yourself with these top winners of temporary tatts!

Have a look.

Flora And Fauna

Flora And Fauna Tattoo

Designed by Nottingham-based illustrator Deborah Ballinger this intricate stag tattoo is perfect for those who love and adore nature than anything else. It was designed to pay tribute to the beauty of British wildlife.

Vintage-Style Tattoo

Heena Tattoo


With me it’s like, I’ve a mind-blowing tattoo idea that keeps on floating around my head, but my drawing skills are like of a chimpanzee. Lolz!! But, it is surprising to know that even these wonder-beings can take your tattoo idea description and reference pictures to create a unique custom illustration. These tattoo designs are ready to flaunt on your flesh as a temporary tattoo, or simply to print out and get framed.

Dandelion Birds

Dandelion Birds Tattoo 

What about this tiniest still striking style of a simple black and white tattoo with the fanciful depiction of a dandelion tuft-come-bird in flight transformation. This design is perfect for those more at home lying in long, tall grass with their head in the clouds.

The Megamunden Tattoo Coloring Book

The Megamunden Tattoo

Do you prefer appreciating body art from a distance? This stunning selection of color-in tattoo images that celebrates the beauty of body art in all shapes and sizes is the handiwork of U.K.-based illustrator Megamunden. Its previous commissions range from fashion illustration and product design to full-sleeve masterpieces and large-scale murals.

The Henna Body Art Kit

Heena Tattoo

A golden oldie still going strong! This gem of a kit was a regular camp feature during my early rebellious Girl days. One of the easiest and my favorite. styles of getting temporary tats.

Graffiti Tattoo Set

Graffiti Tattoo

Decorate yourself as a little of a graffiti-art devotee? Let your body be the site of some of Banksy’s most memorable pieces of political activism. How’s that???

Gold and Silver Foil Tattoos

Gold And silver Tattoo

Make your arms and legs look elephantastic with this sparkling, light-catching collection of gold and silver foil leaf tattoos. Isn’t it amazing??

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