Home remedies for FLU

Home Remedies for FLU

Say ‘Goodbye’ to heavy antivirals that makes you feel drowsy and sleepy! Simply, go with these tips when having flu and get it cured naturally.

FLU – a common infection that makes you feel annoyed! It’s a good idea to visit your doctor at the first signs of flu. Antivirals drugs that are prescribed by your doctor may shorten your illness. However, you have to take them within 48 hours after the symptoms start.

Home Remedies For Flu

Although, these antivirals give you with instant relief, overusing them can lead to several side-effects. Above all, these make you feel sleepy and lethargic.

Natural remedies have always been the best way to treat any ailment. So, here are 5 simple tips to take care of your flu. Have a look.

1. Take Fluids More

Often the flu leaves the sufferer dehydrated, especially if he/she has vomiting or diarrhea. Hence, ensuring that you take enough liquid.
Water, fruit juices, soda, and electrolyte beverages can work well. However, make sure to stay away from caffeinated drinks, as caffeine is a diuretic. You can take herbal tea with honey as it can appease a sore throat. In case you feel nauseated, try to take small sips of fluids instead of gulps that might cause you to throw up. You can determine whether the liquid intake is sufficient for you by urine which should be pale yellow, nearly colorless. And … just say NO to alcohol.

2. Be A Couch Potato

Take Rest… ample rest! If your body is telling you not to exercise, simply don’t. And if it wants you to spend all day in bed, do! Rest is just another way of supporting the body’s ability to fight infection.
Also, never hold back on night time sleep. Try to take a sound sleep as a Good sleep cycle help the immune system work well. Hence, it’s important to get your full eight hours of sleep each night, especially when you’re affected with flu.

3. Gargles

Gargling cane be the best way to moisten a sore throat bringing temporary relief. Simply, dissolve a teaspoon of salt into a glass of lukewarm water and gargle with it, four times daily.
If you’re feeling that tickling in your throat, try an astringent gargle, such as tea that contains tannins. This will tighten the membranes. You can also a thick, viscous gargle of honey, sage and cayenne pepper. Simply, steep fresh sage leaves with the cayenne in 100 ml of boiled water for 10 minutes. Put about 50 ml of honey into it. A pinch of salt and some cider vinegar can also be added to help loosen phlegm. Let it cool to room temperature before gargling.

4. Soup For The Soul

Thoughtful parents have been serving chicken soup to their kids in colds and flu for generations. According to a study published in the journal Chest reported that chicken soup may help with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections like that in flu.
“I believe that chicken soup does help with symptoms,” says Reid B. Blackwelder, MD, professor of family medicine at East Tennessee State University in Kingsport. However, many other doctors don’t agree upon this finding. “When you lean over a bowl of hot chicken soup and the vapor gets up your nose, you feel better,” Schaffner says. “But some [of the benefit] is clearly emotional. It just makes you feel better having someone make soup for you.”

5. Humidify

Inhalation of moist or warm air aids in easing nasal congestion and throat pain. One good way can be to pander to in a steamy shower 3-4 times a day. Or simply turn on the shower and sit in the bathroom for a few minutes and inhale the steam. If all this don’t work, just use a humidifier. However, clean it frequently to make sure it’s free of mildew and mold.

Bonus Tip: Body ache is common during flu. Hence, you can use a numbing cream to get instant relief from that painful body ache.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Prevent Diabetes – National Diabetes Prevention program

Looking at the current figures, around 86 million American adults are having prediabetes and one-third of this number is likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes within next 5 years if they are not treated. Type 2 diabetes is known to have serious complications like blindness, amputation, heart disease and kidney failure.
But a program called as National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) has taken the initiative to spread awareness about prediabetes among people.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The community based program National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) works to replicate the results of National Institutes of Health clinical trial. As per the trial there was a significant reduction in the number of people with prediabetes with 58 percent overall reductions in new cases of diabetes and 71 percent reduction among people above 60 years of age.
This reduction is a result of just 5 to 7 percent of weight loss of total body weight. The results have been used to provide an effective and low-cost program for individuals who are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Need To Cover National DPP Plan Under Medicare

The National DPP plan is still not covered under Medicare despite the results which have proved to be effective and still more than half of people above 65 years of age have prediabetes.
The American Medical Association (AMA) along with the American Diabetes Association have put a proposal before Congress to pass the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act of 2015 making the diabetes prevention program part of Medicare.
Due to the effective health outcomes many big public and private organizations have created the infrastructure to facilitate large-scale participation in these programs. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give in-person and virtual training for lifestyle coaches and the recognition program for National DPP providers.

Spreading Diabetes Awareness

At present, around 90 percent of people aren’t aware of the fact that they have prediabetes. The American Diabetes Association has come up with a type 2 diabetes risk test to spread awareness among individuals about their present status of diabetes and help them to take preventive measures for it.
The AMA, Y-USA and local YMCAs are working to provide help to physicians and care teams to find out people with diabetes through tests and recommend those at high risk of type 2 diabetes to local centers of National DPP.
For now, the National DPP plan is being covered by eight states for state employees. The country is spending huge sums of money to treat people who are suffering from diabetes.
But this is high time when every one of us should take a step forward to spread awareness about diabetes and also Congress should pass the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act.

How To Lower The Risk Of Diabetes?

Loose Few Pounds Of Weight

As already stated above, excess weight puts you at higher risk of type 2 diabetes. If you are overweight, you have 20 to 40 times more chance of developing diabetes as compared to a normal person.
So, work on to lose 7 to 10 percent of your present weight to reduce your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Cut Off Sugary Drinks From Your Diet

Sugary beverages have high glycemic levels and consuming this increases your risk of diabetes. Even the fruit drinks which are portrayed as healthy diet choices through advertisements are not at all a good choice. Consuming excess of sugar based drinks lead to weight gain. Moreover, these drinks lead to chronic inflammation, high triglycerides, decreased (HDL) cholesterol, and increased insulin resistance. All these factors lead you to diabetes. So, it’s better to take tea, coffee, green tea with low sugar which can prove as beneficial for your health.

Give Up Smoking:

Smoking brings along many chronic diseases and type 2 diabetes is one of them. Smokers are at 50 percent higher risk than non-smokers. Thus, the best idea is to give up smoking today!

Food Chart For Diabetic Patients

Eating the right kind of diet packed with essential nutrients that can meet the daily energy requirements and boost immunity can keep you away from lot of health problems. Diabetes is one such health issue that can be controlled with the right kind of diet. The diet for diabetic patients is centered on to control the blood sugar levels.

Food Chart for Diabetic Patients

The following blog is about foods that should be avoided by diabetes patients and the healthy alternatives to them.

High carb diet, unhealthy fats are always restricted to people with diabetes because they are prone to risk of heart diseases as well.
Check out the following foods to find out what can be healthy options to some of the poor dietary choices by a diabetes patient.

1. What to Avoid? – White Rice

People who consume rice are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes. The point is all kinds of processed, fried food and made with white flour is harmful for diabetes’ patients. Therefore, white rice and pasta have a similar impact on the body as sugar and result into increase in blood sugar levels.
Healthy alternative:
Brown rice or wild rice consists of fiber which causes slow absorption of glucose into the bloodstream and thus blood sugar levels don’t shoot up reducing the risk of diabetes.

2. What to avoid? Blended coffees

Blended coffees with sugar, whipped cream are a storehouse of calories and fat, therefore not recommend for people with diabetes.
Healthy alternative:
Black coffee with low amount of sugar is a better alternative to blended coffee as it contains much less calories and will not cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

3. What to avoid? Bananas and melons

Although fruit contain a lot of vitamins and fiber but there are some of them which consists of high levels of sugar such as Bananas, melons, and peaches. Intake of these fruits can lead to blood sugar spikes but of course the result can vary among individuals.
Healthy Alternative:
Fruits like apples, blueberries are comparatively lower in sugar than the above mentioned foods. But it is recommended to check with the doctor if a particular fruit may suit you or not. For this you can check the changes in blood sugar levels post two hours of eating.

4. What to avoid? Chinese food

High-calorie, high fat, high-sodium, and high-carb Chinese food dishes can spike blood sugar levels dramatically and even keep them high for a while.
Healthy Alternative:
If you cannot be without Chinese food, then you can cook steamed veggies with low-sodium, low-fat condiments and flavorings. Less amounts of sodium will not just lower blood pressure levels but also reduce risks of heart attacks.

5. What to avoid? Breakfast pastries

Doughnuts, toaster pastries, and all bakery sweets are like biggest enemies of blood sugar. All these food are made up of processed white flour with high amount of fat, carbs, and sodium
Healthy Alternative:
For a less processes and low-fat, carb and sodium diet, you can take half of a whole-grain English muffin or a brown rice cake with peanut butter and low-sugar jam.

6. What to avoid? Fruit smoothies

A fruit smoothie is something that can take away all your sugar cravings after a meal but if you are diabetic this can mean a sugar disaster for you. For example: A big cup of Jamba Juice smoothie has sugar as in three cans of soda.”

Healthy alternative:

For the ones who can’t resist fruit smoothies a better option is to make a fruit smoothie of your own. You can include vegetables like kale or spinach along with low-sugar fruits like green apples