Want A Tattoo Like Those Of Rihanna’s? Check It Out

Flaunting hairstyles and outstanding tattoos- these are the two things for what Rihanna is famous for. She has a wide collection of tattoos on her body covering chest, neck, hands, fingers, arms, ankles, foot, and legs. Her every tattoo has a deep meaning that depicts, she has a special love for tribal prints, stars, Egyptian goddess, scorpion signs, and henna patterns.

Rihanna star

Do Rihanna’s tattoos drive you off? And, do you want the same tattoo on your body like Rihanna have? If yes, then you are at right place! Although she has 21 tattoos on her body, but in this blog, we’ll gonna discuss about all those rocking meaningful tattoos from head to toe, that makes Rihanna in the news.

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Her First Tattoo With Music Notes

Rihanna has a special love for music as she’s a singer by profession. Rihanna got her first tattoo when she was a teenager, and started her career in 2006. She inked Music Notes on her right foot’s ankle, that very well indicates her fresh start with her singing as a career.

A Cute Skull At Foot’s Back

Again, on a right foot, she has a cute skull with a pink ribbon knot on the backside of the foot. It was done when she was staying in Miami. It includes a skull, crossbones and a pink hair bow. It shows that one day our life going to end, we all will be carved into the walls.

Henna-Style Tribal On Hands And Fingers

Rihanna’s hand tattoo shows henna-style, which is totally inked in tribal form. Her every tattoo on her hands and fingers depicts love and strength. The design on her right hand is of a geometric winged serpent paw with little hibiscus that go up to her wrist. Her tattoo was done in a traditional style of the Maori people in New Zealand. This technique for tattooing makes the skin entirely rougher as opposed to smooth.

Gun Tattoo On Her Right Armpit

Bang Bang is considered as Rihanna’s favorite tattoo artist and this gun tattoo is Rihanna’s favorite, which is inked on her right armpit. It is a kind of ironic tattoo, which was inked when her boyfriend, Chris Brown, abused her. Rihanna also used to wear a necklace with a small gun pendant. All this shows a sign of self-empowerment.

Goddess Isis Below Her Bust

She always tries to be a good mom and a wife, and for that she inked an Egyptian Goddess, Isis, below her bust. Likewise, Rihanna’s bust tattoo is the ideal tribute to her grandma, as the goddess Isis was revered by antiquated Egyptians as the perfect mother and wife, and was otherwise called the goddess of kids.

Pisces Sign on Right Ear’s back

Then comes her right ear’s backside, where she got a Pisces sign. This tattoo was done in Tokyo, by a famous Brazilian artist. The reason behind getting it inked because it’s her Zodiac sign, that shows that these people go with the flow and they never make waves. Also, this Pisces shows her emotional and unpredictable nature.

Stars On Back And Inner Ear

Also, she got stars inked on her back and inner side of the ear. The star tattoo at the back starts from the end of the head, going downwards covering the neck.  This, too, was made by Bang bang for her boyfriend only as he plays a shining star role in her life.

These are the famous Rihanna’s tattoos that people love to get inked with a reason. So, if you wanna follow Rihanna’s tattoo as well, go and get the similar reason to get it done!

Let the ink say what you feel!

Remove Bad Memories

Removing Bad Memories – Tattoo Removal

Some say they are a reflection to one’s personality, while some get them to pay tribute to the loved ones. Tattoos speak your words, don’t they? But, you can’t rule time. Sometimes, consequences occur that provoke you to get those bad memories ward off from your life. So, if you have any unwanted tattoo somewhere that you don’t wish to have anymore, get it removed, easily. Check out how.

Remove that Tattoo


Some people have an addiction to tattoos and some others have tats that remind them of an addiction. Once someone kicks an addiction like ending up a relation, drug or alcohol abuse, etc., they often try to remove the memories that remind them of their past addictions. Also, having tattoos might prevent you from getting a job sometimes. These are some reasons that might push people to have their tattoos removed.

There are various ways to get those bad memories removed. Have a look:

  1. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Usually known as IPL, this intense pulsed light therapy technique is skin enhancer usually used by tattoo spas. This technique is based on removing a tattoo using high intensity light. The method involves a gel being applied on the skin and exposing it to throbs of light coming from an instrument called ‘Wand’.
IPL is less painful and successful. However, the price of each light pulse might lay a strain on your pocket.

  1. Laser Tattoo Removal

The most common and widespread tattoo removal is the laser removal technique. The method operates based on the principle of breaking the tattoo ink into tiny bits using the pulses of extremely concentrated light. Laser therapy is usually done in multiple treatments as it isn’t possible to completely remove the ink in a single session.
A problem with this technique is that the more your skin gets this treatment, the greater it can cause damage to your skin. The result can be blisters that would mark your skin with avoidable blemishes.
Therefore, you must take great caution as the results of laser therapy may differ from situation to situation.
Getting a tattoo removed through laser is very expensive as it takes about hundreds of dollars for a single session; you need to undergo 1-10 sessions to clearly remove the tattoo.

  1. Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery is another technique to remove a tattoo. During the session, the tattoo will be frozen and burned off using liquid nitrogen. The method is not very popular; however you can always consult your skin specialist for further advice.

  1. Salabrasion

You might feel surprised to know that even a plain table salt can help you get ward off your tattoo. Salabrasion is one such technique of tattoo removal that uses plain table salt, tap water and a rough device like wooden block wrapped in gauze to accomplish the job. Since the process could be really messy and it takes almost 40 minutes to complete, you need to prepare for it.
During the procedure, the tattooed area is shaved followed by the application of the mixture of salt and water. After this, the abrasive material will be rubbed against the area till the skin turns raw. The process is repeated after three days after treating it with antibiotics and properly bandaged.  

  1. Dermabrasion

Somewhat similar to salabrasion, Dermabrasion is a process that uses a numbing solution instead of using salt water to remove the tattoo. The numbing solution is applied onto the area before abrading it. Bleeding is obvious after the abrasion process and the person is most likely to feel sore for days.
The aforementioned procedures of tattoo removal are common. Now that you’ve learned about them, consult your dermatologist or others who have experienced any of these procedures and make your decision accordingly. Take into account the budget, pros and cons, side-effects and consequences as well.