Kylie Jenner Adds A New Red Ink Tattoo On Her Hip

Kylie Kristen Jenner or Kylie Jenner, as she is better known, is an American reality television personality, model and a socialist in her own right. Featured twice in the list of ‘Most Influential Teens’ of 2014 and 2015; Kylie Jenner is reckoned as one of the most famous teens on social media. The 18-year old reality star kicks into limelight with every little thing she does and the latest is her red ink tattoo on her right hip that’s got the social media going crazy.Read More »

Men With Tatoo- Dr. Numb

How Women React To the Men With Tattoos?

Tattoo is the latest style statement among people. Earlier only bikers and sailors had tattoos over their body but now everybody including teenagers, youth and even people in their 40s and 50s love to get their body tattooed. The other day I was surprised to find my friends’ father with a full sleeve of tattoo and that very moment, I realized tattoo has become a common thing now.

Anyways, this blog is about how women feel about men with tattoos. Do they really think that it is normal thing and thus easily accept it? Or are some of them still not fine with the idea of getting one’s body tattooed.

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The Benefits Of Jojoba For Skin & Hair

Jojoba Oil is power-packed with multiple vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium which are beneficial for skin and hair. Moreover, jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Therefore, anyone can take advantages of its benefits without the fear of any side-effects or allergic reactions.

Jojoba for Skin and Hair

The following article is about the large benefits of jojoba oil both for skin and hair.
Jojoba oil is more of a liquid wax than oil. It’s a melted type of vegetable wax which is present in the seeds/nuts of jojoba plant, found in desert areas of California, Arizona and Mexico.
Jojoba oil has multiple uses for skin, hair and face. It has moisturizing and emollient properties .It is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and non-toxic that can be used to nourish hair, face and the whole body.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair

Jojoba for Hair

1. Jojoba Oil for Hair
We apply a lot of harmful chemicals to our hair in the form of shampoo, moisturizer, styling solutions, chemical colors etc. This can be damaging for the hair in the long term.
To undo the effect of harmful chemicals, you can use jojoba oil for treating the dry, damaged hair, split ends and tangled or damaged hair that is prone to tangling and damage.
Jojoba oil is non-fatty and works as a natural serum to keep the hair tangle free and well moisturized.

2. Jojoba Oil Hair Conditioner
Jojoba oil works as a natural moisturizer for extremely dry and frizzy hair. You can massage the oil onto your scalp and hair and the hair ends and you will notice a softer and brighter texture of your hair.
In case your hair is exceedingly dry you can add a teaspoon of jojoba oil to your regular hair conditioner and then apply it onto the hair. Leave it for minutes and the wash the hair. Let it sit there for about 5 minutes, and then rinse it off.
It can replenish the moisture and improve the texture and appearance of hair.

3. Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth
This is one of the best and natural ways to stimulate hair growth. Sometimes hair damage is caused due to excessive sebum release which can block the hair follicles. If you apply Jojoba oil then it will prevent hair loss and hair thinning due to blocked hair follicles. Jojoba oil helps in dissolving and opening up the blockages promoting growth and development of new hair cells.
You can massage your scalp with jojoba oil regularly. This will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and also help in hair growth.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil For Skin

Jojoba for Skin - Dr Numb

1. Jojoba Oil Moisturizer
Jojoba oil can be used as nourishing body or face moisturizer. You can even use it as your routine or overnight facial moisturizer. It will soften the dry and irritating spots and also restore the balance of the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the skin inflammation due to excessive dryness.
A few drops of jojoba oil are good enough to work as a daytime moisturizer.
Due to its moisturizing properties it can be used as a lip balm as well.

2. Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser
Jojoba oil is an excellent face cleanser and can be used to remove the make-up. It can work as a natural cleanser to remove eye makeup, foundation, powders, eye shadow, liquid liner, mascara, etc. You can use a cotton ball to apply the oil use it on the eye lashes. Moreover, it will not cause any damage to your eyes but don’t rub too harshly near the region around the eyes.

3. Jojoba Body Oil
Jojoba oil can even work as a natural body moisturizer for regular use. You can apply few drops of jojoba oil on the wet skin after your regular bath or shower. It will help to retain the moisture, keep the skin soft and smooth. You can also massage with jojoba oil to improve blood circulation.
Its anti-inflammatory properties of the oil help to fight the dryness and skin irritation.

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Top 5 Tattoo Aftercare Tips You Must Know!

Had your new tattoo? Definitely, you are super excited about this. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take care of the fresh design. Yes, there is a lot you need to pay attention. If not done, you might face some type of infection or severe problems in future. Therefore, it is very important follow the aftercare processes.

Tattoo Care- Dr Numb

The fashion world is never constant. But, what has been ruling this world is the body art. This amazing and transformative way pleases every age group and gender. You can get it done anywhere and in any size, ranging from your neck, arms, wrist to you face and back. Well, that’s your choice completely. But what more important is the tattoo aftercare. Nowadays people love to brag about their new tattoos and show off their design. They hardly give their design a chance to heal. The consequences of which are that the color fades, designs bleed and scabs occur. On other hand, if you have been a little patient the same design would have been a colorful and beautiful ink job. Hence, if you are planning to get a new tattoo or recently have tried some, here are few essential tips for aftercare you must follow.

Follow the instruction: While you get a tattoo done, the tattooist tells you a number of dos and don’ts. Be a good listener and then follow the instructions precisely.  They are professional and have experience of years in the same field. They certainly have the knowledge of the product and different healing problems. Keep in mind, the tattooist is not responsible for what happens to your tattoo afterwards. Thus, it is your responsibility to take care of the design and your skin once you leave the parlor.

Do not wrap: Some people wrap the tattoo to keep it safe. But, unless you are instructed to do so by the artist don’t attempt it. Remember, that it is important to keep the tattoo clean. It is just like an open injury, you cannot take any risks with this. Generally, the tattooists will advise you for washing it with an unscented and anti-bacterial soap. And you will be asked to let it air dry instead of wrapping it over and over again.

Moisturize: Undoubtedly, you need to let it dry for better and faster healing. But, moisturizing holds its own importance. The reason being, if you let it dry, thick scab formation can occur, which is never desirable. Moreover, in some cases it has been observed that drying out leads to slow recovery procedure and it even harm the tattoo. You can consult the tattooist to advise a cream or ointment to use.  

Don’t try unnecessary medications: The tattoo process includes needling of your skin. Hence it is obvious that your skin will weep in the first couple of days. Along this, a fluid, clear or slightly colored will also appear out of your tattoo. But there is nothing to fear in this. It does not mean that there is something wrong with your skin or something is coming out of your tattoo. Don’t try any medications on your own. All you need to do is just clean it as instructed and let it heal with time.

Don’t panic: If your skin becomes sensitive, red or slightly inflamed, then don’t panic. It is not something different. Your skin has undergone a change and painful treatment. A number of people experience some kind of irritation after getting a new tattoo for few days. However, if the symptoms continue for more than 4 to 5 days, you can consult your tattooist for better advice.

Healing a tattoo is not that challenging. Just you need to be a little patient and careful!