Rib Cage Tattoos- From ‘Pain’ to ‘Painless’

Yearning for a smart and fabulous look this season? What about Rib Cage Tattoos? It sound perfect and yes, these tattoos look classy! And, if you are worrying about the pain the process causes, your concept will change after reading this one. Have a look.

rib cage tattoo

Undoubtedly, the ribcage tattoos are the recent way to flaunt your style. They get you the incredible look you have been craving for. Not only boys, even girls these days opt for this cool tattoo style to add much more to their appearance. Before, you move on to the process of getting a rib cage tattoo, let’s have a look at some of the crazy designs first.

Flying birds:Rib Tattoo-Flying Tattoo-Dr Numb

Birds are a symbolic to freedom. They are meant to be flying freely in the open sky. Get them to your rib space and a superb look to your look. And it is completely your choice, whether you want a single lovely bird to be there or a flock of birds wandering around your ribs. Both designs get you amazing appearance.

Go In Shape:

Triangle Tattoo Design-DrNumb

By this, it doesn’t mean that you need ‘shaping’. Instead, it is about the crazy geometrical shapes which look super cool on your ribs.

You can go for any size, whether big or small with geometric tattoo designs. They look different and unique in true sense.

A Word:

Word Tattoo

It can be anything, your name, a special word for someone you care for, or anything you want to be inked. Just a single word and it express the entire feeling to the world, isn’t it awesome. Don’t miss the chance to let someone know how special they are to you!

Quote for the life:

Quotet Tattoo- Rib Cage-DrNumb

They inspire us, they are meaningful and yes, they are beautiful in themselves. Here it is about the ‘quotes’. Get your favorite quote inked on the ribs forever and feel more positive. If you want to be an eye catcher at the next event, this is a superb idea.

Feathers and flowers:

Feather And Flower-Dr.Numb

Though these are very common style, yet it will be something new and elegant to get them inked over your ribs. Especially, for women they are a perfect choice. Keep up with your feminine style and rock the world in your way.
Well, there is not end to rib cage designs. The reason why people opt for rib cage space is that it offers a beautiful spread of canvas. Giving the professionals a complete space to craft their best creativity, you can get the most beautiful designs inked over there. However, the major problem encountered with this is that the skin across the ribs is quote thin. It can cause quite a bit of a challenge for those being tattooed. It is one of the most painful sites to get a tattoo. Hence, if you are going for this type of tattoo style, you need to be prepared well.

Is there any way to get a painless rib cage tattoo?

Painless Rib Tattoo- Dr. Numb

While you are not the only one who is looking for painless tattoo. You can count on numbing solutions for this. Purchase any of them with safe composition like Dr. Numb. Being one of the topical anesthetic creams, it consists of 5% Lidocaine. It is produced in a state-of-the art FDA and GMP-compliant facility in North Carolina, USA. Known for its quality and manufacturing procedure, it strictly follows the ISO standards.
As far as tattooing is considered, it does not interfere with the ink. And, yes it does not produce any side-effects. Causing the perfect numbing effect for up to 4 hours, it saves you from enduring long hours of the pain in rib cage tattooing!

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